TFL Freight and servicing action plan…

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No matter what part of the motor industry you operate within there is an emphasis on safety and continual enhancement of best practice policies. In recent years FORS and Transport for London (TFL) have played a big role in promoting and innovating new best practice methods, to date there are over 5000 accredited FORS members […]

FORS Fuel Expert…

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FORS have recently launched a new fuel expert programme, offering members exclusive access to a range of discounted fixed fuel price cards, FORS have confirmed that all members will be able to access these benefits no matter what fleet size they are currently operating. The initiative will save operators around 4 pence per litre on […]

FORS safe urban driving equipment

Why has Safe Urban Driving become so popular?…

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Since becoming a Driver CPC accredited module Safe Urban Driving has revolutionised the driver training industry, thousands of operators throughout the United Kingdom have arranged courses for their drivers which has arguably made Safe Urban Driving the most popular Driver CPC course of recent years. So why is Safe Urban Driving so popular? Well it […]