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FORS have recently launched a new fuel expert programme, offering members exclusive access to a range of discounted fixed fuel price cards, FORS have confirmed that all members will be able to access these benefits no matter what fleet size they are currently operating.

The initiative will save operators around 4 pence per litre on national average fuel prices, as well as up to 10 pence per litre off highway fuel prices. Furthermore, it is also hoped that this new programme will play a part in reducing fuel consumption within fleets.

The FORS fuel expert programme has been specifically designed so that it meets the varying needs of all FORS members, launching in partnership with Fuel Card Services (FCS) who are one of the largest independent fuel card companies operating within the United Kingdom. This partnership has seen them become the latest company to become a FORS affinity partner. FORS affinity partners are a select group of companies that are sought out to offer specific discounts, products and services that all relate to the larger FORS standards and are specifically available to FORS members.

The programme gives FORS members access to up to 16 different fuel cards, which include fixed price fuel cards and a range of different major brands such as Shell, BP and Texaco so that members can pick the one most suitable option for their individual business.

Furthermore, operators can also benefit from comprehensive fuel consumption and MPG reports to help them analyse their efficiency and where they can make savings in the future on fuel expenditure by changing driver behaviour. CO2 certificates can also play an important role in FORS accreditation and are provided, detailing the amount of greenhouse gases that are being produced by an operator’s fleet. The CO2 certificates are also useful for operators progressing towards FORS Silver that need to achieve the emission reduction goals.

Paul Wilkes, FORS Business Services Manager said “FORS Fuel Expert will help FORS members lower emissions, by better understanding their fuel use. ” He said, “Reducing emissions and helping improve the environmental credentials of our members is a key FORS principle”.

“This new service not only gives FORS members the chance to save money on fuel – which remains the biggest operating cost to fleets – but also helps fleets to closely monitor how they use fuel helping them to save fuel and reduce emissions.”

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