FORS launches new car and van fleet management essentials training…

FORS has developed a new one-day fleet management training course to add to the diverse range of topics that they cover within guides and courses for their members, the course has been designed for managers of fleets that do not require an operator’s license, which includes commercial vehicle fleets such as car and van fleets.

The FORS professional car and van fleet management essentials course has been developed with the aim of helping people in various job roles with their individual career development. The course will be offered to FORS members at a discounted rate, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the mandatory training requirements of FORS Bronze accreditation. Bronze is the first level of FORS accreditation that a company can achieve, in order to achieve FORS Bronze a nominated person must receive training on maintaining continuous and effective fleet management activities. This new course tickets the box for this FORS Bronze requirement.

The FORS Professional car and van fleet management essentials provides an overview of good fleet management principles that companies should follow when operating, as well as the FORS standard for non-operator license FORS operators.

Everyone that attends the course will learn how to effectively manage their individual fleet operations, including how to manage driver proficiency, competence, conduct and behaviour, as well as how to organise driver time in order to comply with the working time laws. All delegates will gain a better understanding of which requirement are needed to meet construction and use regulations, including the correct load or passenger limit, and develop their knowledge of traffic enforcement bodies and legal compliance system.

If you would like some more information about the new FORS car and van fleet management essentials training please visit this link:

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