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You can book a single safe urban driving training course online at Alternatively, if you have a large number of drivers to train in-house please contact us for pricing information.

Course content

Safe Urban Driving content engages delegates with a practical and theory element for 3.5 hours each. During this course drivers gain a first hand experience of the urban environment as they are put into the cyclists shoes.

Why do Safe Urban Driving

Safe Urban Driving course content provides delegates with an interesting and engaging new perspective on the urban environment. It is also essential for FORS, CLOCS and WRRR as well as contributing 7 hours towards the Driver CPC requirement.

Safe Urban Driving Training

Seven Training is recognised as a FORS associate and feature on their website as a recommended supplier of Safe Urban Driving training, there is a misconception that Safe Urban Driving training is only delivered within London but that is not the case, we come to you! We deliver all of our training courses to fleet operators across the UK as part of our broader portfolio of Driver CPC and office based courses, repeat customers have been trusting us to deliver their bespoke training courses for over 10 years.

We have delivered Safe Urban Driving training to businesses and HGV drivers at depots across the United Kingdom including locations such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow using our specialised mobile training van, ensuring your drivers receive the most up to date enjoyable and accredited training available. With the growing number of cyclists, pedestrians and motor bikes using our roads every year, it is even more vital than ever that HGV drivers understand the everyday risks in urban environments and are able to operate safely to reduce the risks of an incident occurring.

A Safe Urban Driving training course focuses on how HGV drivers share our busy cities’ streets safely with other road users. Safe Urban Driving training is a unique training course as there is a particular emphasis on cyclists and includes a practical ‘on-road’ cycle training module to give drivers a ‘real life’ experience of a cyclist’s perspective. As well as this there is also theory content to further inform them about the potential hazards that are faced daily and how they can contribute to making our roads safer.

A Safe Urban Driving training course does also contribute a full day towards the 35 hours periodic Driver CPC requirement that professional drivers need, allowing you to gain CPC hours while doing an enjoyable practical session and getting FORS accredited. Attending a Safe Urban Driving course is a requirement for standards such as the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) and Work Related Road Risk (WRRR).

Book Safe Urban Driving Training

Do you want to book Safe Urban Driving training? We provide bespoke training courses for businesses throughout the United Kingdom, meeting individual needs such as:

  • Group bookings - Training solutions for large fleets
  • Locational requirements - We come to you
  • Operational requirements - Flexible training dates
FORS safe urban driving equipment

Bespoke Group Business Safe Urban Driving

We deliver safe urban driving training to businesses nationwide throughout the United Kingdom covering every region. We have been delivering safe urban driving courses for a number of years now, training delegates in a range of locations such as Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester and Southampton. Our ability to deliver courses at your location is a key component of our training offering as you don't have additional costs for expenses, our commercial background means we have a unique understanding of your requirements. We want to make your training as easy and enjoyable as possible while achieving minimal disruption to your normal business activities, that is why the capability to deliver nationwide safe urban driving courses was so important for us. 

We provide a fully bespoke safe urban driving training course tailored around your business. We supply and bring all of the equipment required for safe urban driving training, we deliver the course at your office no matter where you are based and we can also provide lunch for your drivers at an additional cost if required. 


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FORS Associate

Seven Training are a registered FORS associate and one of only seven companies in the United Kingdom to offer Safe Urban Driving training and Van Smart training. We are proud of our FORS status and have been delivering bespoke Safe Urban Driving training courses for a number of years to companies throughout the United Kingdom.

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