Why has Safe Urban Driving become so popular?…

FORS safe urban driving equipment

Since becoming a Driver CPC accredited module Safe Urban Driving has revolutionised the driver training industry, thousands of operators throughout the United Kingdom have arranged courses for their drivers which has arguably made Safe Urban Driving the most popular Driver CPC course of recent years.

So why is Safe Urban Driving so popular? Well it is relatable for drivers as it tackles real issues that they are facing on a daily basis when operating and works alongside various schemes such as Vision Zero, ultimately with the aim of encouraging high standards of driving among professional drivers to increase road safety for all road users. Significant investment in infrastructure and roads throughout Britain has seen our transport preferences changed over recent years, more people than ever are commuting using their bicycle which causes more potential hazards for unaware drivers. This highlights one of the reasons why Safe Urban Driving has become so popular, drivers are having to quickly adapt to the new infrastructure we are seeing in urban areas such as London and Safe Urban Driving provides them with the perfect platform to do this.

Safe Urban Driving also incorporates a range of different training methods that had not previously been seen in Driver CPC training. The vast majority of Driver CPC modules were solely classroom based, a few ventured outside to check delegates safe loading manoeuvres or daily vehicle inspections but nothing as comprehensive as Safe Urban Driving. Safe Urban Driving combines the best of both worlds for delegates that prefer to learn in different environments, half of the day is spent in the classroom while the other half is spent on the road doing practical on bicycle content.

Finally, the course allows your company to work towards FORS accreditation as well as providing Driver CPC hours for all of the drivers attending. FORS has quickly become one of the most recognised safety accreditations in the transport industry, vulnerable road user training is a vital part of gaining accreditation. Therefore, this course enables businesses to tick multiple boxes within one day rather than having to take their drivers off the road for multiple days.

If you would like to book a Safe Urban Driving training course for your business please contact us today, we will endeavour where possible to make arrangements that match your requirements.

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