Don’t be part of the last minute rush for Driver CPC…

We are now officially approaching the final 8 months before the second cycle of periodic Driver CPC training. There have been various articles written documenting the trend in training and how people are expecting a bottleneck to form whereby everyone is trying to complete their training in a last-minute rush. However, due to the limited amount of supply they won’t all be able to fit their training in before the deadline.

The Driver CPC legislation has been designed so that drivers can complete one module every year for five years to finish their 35 hours periodic training, meaning training causes minimal disruption to their normal working life. The main concern raised within publications is that potentially thousands of drivers throughout the United Kingdom are currently behind on their periodic training and will need to complete multiple modules before the deadline, if the demand significantly outweighs the supply then drivers face less choice over their training including the location and subject they are going to be taught.

A large majority of companies operating within the United Kingdom will have designated days in which drivers are expected to complete their training, whether this is a day which they currently don’t do deliveries or their least busy day when they can release some of their drivers. For a lot of these companies it seems as though the most convenient day to complete training is Saturday. Therefore, it will be very tricky to get a last minute Driver CPC course delivered on a Saturday close to the deadline.

Safe Urban Driving is a fully accredited Driver CPC training course and is a very popular module for drivers completing their periodic training. This module incorporates both practical and theory training within the 7 hours, as well as covering some of the most relevant and recent issues that we are facing on our modern roads in the 21st century.

We deliver bespoke training courses to companies throughout the United Kingdom, allowing their drivers to complete their Driver CPC training within their normal working environment which takes away the extra costs associated with travel expenses and hotels to complete training. As well as this all of our training courses are designed to give your drivers maximum benefit from the day, we use real life examples and their personal experiences to demonstrate situations within the classroom so that they can apply them while working.

We will always endeavour where possible to meet a businesses individual preference including locational and date requirements, in rare occasions where we cannot we will always strive to find a suitable alternative solution. We recommend booking at the earliest opportunity in order to give yourself and us maximum time to find a solution that best matches your requirements.

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