The revelation in Driver CPC Training…

Safe Urban Driving course being delivered

Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart training have both been a revelation since they were first introduced by FORS. They were the first Driver CPC module to combat real road safety issues by using both practical and theory content to raise awareness, initially the idea was grunted at by HGV drivers but years later they can all see the benefits of this innovative and engaging training and its not only them who are benefiting, as road safety increases every single person who travels on roads within the United Kingdom benefits.

Since FORS introduced these training courses the image and opinion of Driver CPC training has been re-created, in the not so distant past drivers openly thought the training was non-beneficial for them. However, it is no coincidence that more and more drivers every year are realising the benefits of Driver CPC training and looking forward to completing their periodic training. I am not suggesting that this is fully down to the new format of training that is no longer solely classroom based, but we should recognise the part this plays in re-engaging drivers. As well as this you also have to credit the trainers throughout the country, a trainer has to make sure he delivers the content in an engaging way to maintain the focus of all delegates. Failure to do so will result in a classroom of disengaged drivers.

The Driver CPC legislation will have been initially introduced 10 years ago next year, meaning a large number of drivers will have completed two full cycles of the training. This showcases why it is so important for new courses to consistently be introduced and why some driver have become disinterested in training, if drivers are completing similar content year on year they will naturally become unengaged in training making it counterproductive. However, if like the FORS Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart training modules we innovate and keep subjects relevant then the Driver CPC legislation can bring big benefits.

Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart are only the beginning of innovation for Driver CPC training, despite Brexit the legislation is here to stay so it is highly likely that we will see more interactive modules introduced over the coming years…

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