LoCITY Driver CPC Training module, stay ahead of the curve…

The subject of vehicle emissions and clean air zones has never been as prominent within discussions as it has been over the last year or so, long awaited introductions of new legislations and ULEZ zones are finally here meaning vehicle operators can no longer delay compliance or they will face fines. Many companies are having to find alternative solutions to these ULEZ/clean air zones, such as shifting non-compliant vehicles out of urban areas to replace other older vehicles within their fleet. However, not all operators can afford to purchase new Euro 6 or electric vehicles, meaning they could face daily fines if operating within certain areas. While some delivery companies such as Sainsburys and the hugely popular Deliveroo are using delivery bicycles to avoid these issues.

So why have we as a nation become so obsessed with clean air and vehicle emissions? The answer in short, urban areas such as London are filled with toxic air that we cannot see which is responsible for early deaths every year.

Until now it has always been a compulsory element of FORS accreditation that the online e-module about LoCITY is completed. However, we are now able to offer a practical Driver CPC LoCITY training course that teaches all of the content present within the e-module, meaning we could soon see the introduction of a compulsory LoCITY CPC module alongside vulnerable road user training such as Safe Urban Driving. The e-module comes in two forms covering different content, one which is aimed at transport managers and one which is aimed at drivers; transport managers learn about fuel efficient driving techniques that their drivers can use to reduce their emissions and maximise fuel consumption, drivers mainly learn about alternative fuel types that they could be driving within the coming years.

The new LoCITY Driver CPC module provides a lot more depth about the subject than these online modules as it is a 7 hour classroom based module, allowing the drivers to engage with our knowledgeable trainers and ask any questions they may have about LoCITY. Ultimately, this new Driver CPC module educates your drivers on one of the biggest effecting factors within their environment at the moment while providing periodic CPC training hours for them. With the ever evolving FORS standards aimed at increasing road safety and efficiency it could only be a matter of time before this LoCITY CPC module becomes an essential towards accreditation, stay ahead of the trend and complete training as this years periodic CPC moduleā€¦

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