The FORS Members Conference, what did we think of the day?…

Yesterday Tuesday the 16th of October the day was finally here, we woke up to the excitement of the FORS Members Conference 2018. Upon arriving at the venue, it was clear that it was going to be a very busy day with a lot of new attendees to network with throughout the day. Immediately it was clear to see the ongoing growth of this conference and FORS, representing the important safety and efficiency focus being adopted by so many HGV operators.

The conference itself once again provided so much insightful and helpful information for everyone that attended, a number of key speakers from various related industries and FORS itself were there to speak about the new FORS standard among other things.

Throughout the course of the day we had interesting conversations with people from different industries and locations that were attending the show for their own individual reasons; however, the overriding reasons for attendance were to hear about the brand new FORS standard and gaining help with their accreditation process. Each attendee bought with them a fresh conversational topic, which allowed us to display the wide variety of services and specialist knowledge that we possess at Seven Asset. We had a lot of conversations with people about our training services and quickly found out that people now recognise our brand ‘Seven Training’ for Safe Urban Driving Training courses, obviously this was a positive thing to hear that people are aware of the high-quality training services that we offer.

We have received an increased amount of Safe Urban Driving enquiries over the last 6 months which correlates with the raised brand awareness people raised with us at the FORS Members Conference, people are now directly searching for our training services or using us as their preferred training supplier. A benefit that our customers and prospective new customers continue to be receptive to is our nationwide training service. The added benefit of being able to complete training at their own office makes the process a lot simpler for operators, it means their drivers do not have to travel overnight which results in extra costs.

One of the biggest new talking points we had was the introduction of LoCity training as a full Driver CPC module rather than a compulsory online E-module. This enables all operators to complete their LoCity training as a CPC module, thus killing two birds with one stone as they comply with the FORS training standards and complete their periodic CPC training. We are fully accredited to deliver the LoCity training course adding this to our portfolio of courses alongside FORS Safe Urban Driving and Van Smart.

Other topics we discussed with people on the day included our contract hire and fleet management services as well as how we can retrofit vehicles to match the FORS standard.

If you are interested in any of our services please feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements!

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