Tackle the problem of incidents with vehicles and vulnerable road users…

As a nation we are now more aware than ever of our growing air pollution problems in urbanised areas. We continue to invest in the infrastructure, creating new housing estates and adjoining roads where possible without realising or taking into consideration the impact this has on worsening the pollution situation. Our priority to counter these issues should be finding eco-friendly solutions as well as providing incentives for equipment such as solar panels and electric vehicles. However, the ecological factors aren’t the only issue for people as we continue to grow the amount of traffic and congestion also grows.

One way in which people have been trying to avoid adding to the problems that have been created over a number of years is by cycling or walking to places whenever possible, taking up cycling or walking as a new hobby to avoid the growing traffic situation. However, when a mass amount of people changes the way they travel this creates new problems for people to consider, one of these which has been a big speaking point is how to reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring with vulnerable road users.

In urbanised areas such as London and other major cities road infrastructure has gained momentum aimed to increase the number of cycle paths, useable roads available for cyclists and reduce the number of potholes on the roads. All of this investment will hopefully reduce the number of accidents on roads involving vulnerable road users such as cyclists, nearly six in 10 (59%) deaths and serious injuries on London roads are among pedestrians and cyclists. These statistics highlight why there have been a number of new initiatives introduced all aimed to help prevent this from happening in the future.

The safety initiatives that aim to make our roads safer include FORS, CLOCS and WRRR. FORS is arguably the most popular among commercial vehicle operators, their training courses safe urban driving and van smart specifically address issues relating to vulnerable road users. These training courses tackle the problem by giving commercial vehicle drivers a first-hand perspective of vulnerable road users, taking them out on bikes for half a day so that they can see what it is like to be in the cyclist’s position.

Some people are under the impression that safe urban driving and van smart training courses can only be delivered within London but this is not the case. These courses can be delivered nationwide by us, we bring all the equipment needed to complete course to a location convenient for you. We want to make your training experience as enjoyable as possible and make sure you get maximum benefit from the training day.

If you would like find out more information or book a safe urban driving or van smart training course for your business then please contact us and we will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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