The Origins Of Safe Urban Driving…

safe urban driving being delivered - what to expect

In the 21st century infrastructure in urban areas has reached a level much higher than ever before, we as a country have invested heavily in our roads to make them safer by increasing the number of cycle lanes amongst other things. However, despite this every year more than 2,000 people are either killed or seriously injured as a result of a collision with a vehicle in London alone.

In 2011 Transport For London (TFL) decided to take action to try and help reduce the number of incidents that were happening each year between cyclists and vehicles, this initiated the introduction of Safe Urban Driving training. The training course was designed with the intention of giving drivers a different perspective of travelling on the road as a cyclist.

This training course includes practical content as well as theory content, giving all of the delegates different environments to learn and ensuring the course is engaging throughout. After getting comfortable with their bikes delegates go around a pre-planned cycle route, coming into close contact with vehicles that they would usually be operating. This practical part of this training course has particular value to all of the delegates, they will get to experience the situation that cyclists and other vulnerable road users find themselves in when completing their journeys first hand.

Safe Urban Driving is a requirement for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) accreditation as well as CLOCS, every year there is a growing emphasis on companies to make sure they are doing as much as they can to help increase road safety by meeting certain standards such as FORS or CLOCS. Some companies especially in urban areas such as London are now beginning to specify that their suppliers must comply with FORS standards or they will not do business with them, meaning companies lose access to contracts by not gaining FORS accreditation.

As well as helping you gain compliance with the FORS standard Safe Urban Driving is also an accredited driver cpc module and contributes 7 hours to the annual driver cpc requirement.

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