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safe urban driving training for driver cpc

Since the original idea for mandatory period driver training was conceived in 2008, the Driver CPC training programme has generated over £71m with thousands of courses being completed in the process. Safe Urban Driving has quickly become one of the most popular choices for operators when completing their CPC training distinguishing itself from the rest of the crowd.

Safe Urban Driving compromises of two different elements which could be why it quickly established itself as one of the most popular courses to complete. The practical on-cycle element provides a first-hand experience of the situation’s vulnerable road users face. The classroom element focuses on defensive driving techniques and enabling drivers to understand the behaviour of vulnerable road users. However, all of the content covered in this course is stimulated around the bigger picture of trying to make our roads safer for everyone.

Overall the content is relevant, engaging and educational addressing some of the latest issues that drivers face when operating in urban areas on a daily basis. As we get deeper into the 21st century more people are seeking alternative ways to commute on a daily basis, clean air initiatives and ULEZ zones are at the forefront of this. Daily charges for non-compliant vehicles and increased toxic air levels mean more people are avoiding their vehicles where possible, in turn creating more vulnerable road users such as cyclists. There are still far too many incidents occurring within London every year between HGV’s and vulnerable road users, everyone should be able to commute on their bicycle without feeling vulnerable or at risk.

Despite Brexit and the Driver CPC legislation being an EU law, we can confirm that it is here to stay. As this legislation was initially imposed by the EU, some people have been discussing whether the legislation would be dismissed when Brexit is complete. However, these discussions were very short as it has been confirmed that the Driver CPC is here to stay.

The benefits of Driver CPC training have been well documented completing engaging, enjoyable and educational content can have multiple benefits for your business. All Driver CPC training modules have been developed to address a specific area within their normal working routine, developing new skills and their competency levels further to make them and the people around them safer. As well as this it can bring operational benefits to a fleet, teaching content such as fuel-efficient driving techniques and safe operating manoeuvres to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.

We have a wide portfolio of fully accredited Driver CPC training modules, enabling all companies to decide which course best matches their individual requirements. All of our courses can be delivered throughout the United Kingdom, we provide all of the equipment required to complete training and deliver it at a location that causes minimal disruption to your operational activities.

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