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Safe Urban Driving course being delivered

Despite the fact that we are rapidly approaching the deadline for the second cycle of Driver CPC training many people are still not booking their courses, research suggests that the number of Driver CPC attendees is lagging compared to the previous 5-year cycle.

The Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) recently shared that from the period of January to June 2018, Driver CPC training courses have had 20% fewer attendees than they did in comparison to the previous cycle. Delving deeper into the figures it means that around 100,000 drivers have not completed a Driver CPC module within this time frame, up until February 2018 there were fewer attendees than previous years and the problem has only worsened since.

There are undoubtedly still some people and companies throughout the United Kingdom that are hoping Brexit will mean the end of the Driver CPC requirement. However, this alone does not equate for the shortfall of drivers completing their periodic training.

We are now approaching the busiest time of year not only for the transport and haulage industry but for road traffic as a whole, Christmas time. This time of the year brings more strain to companies as they stretch to meet orders and delivery deadlines for the Christmas period, companies will need their drivers on the road throughout this period in order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. Ultimately, their drivers will not be able to complete training within this period as all of their fleet needs to be on the road which could see them fall further behind on their CPC hours.

The Driver CPC training requirement was introduced to encourage high standards of driving among professional drivers, increase road safety and educate drivers on best practice. If the training is planned and implemented correctly it can bring real benefits to a fleet as well as the drivers themselves, the professional and career development opportunities gained from Driver CPC training are evident throughout the industry.

We still have spaces available for bespoke training courses in 2019, enabling your drivers to complete beneficial CPC training at the convenience of their own office. We offer a wide range of CPC modules enabling you to pick which one best suit your operational requirements. However, we recommend booking your training early so that you can pick the time and date that best suits your requirements.

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