Training in winter? We will continue to deliver…

Safe Urban Driving training course

Here at Seven Training all of our courses continue despite us heading into the winter months, some people within the industry may not consider doing their Safe Urban Driving or Van Smart training at this time of year. However, we can confirm courses are still running on a weekly basis for companies around the United Kingdom! Unless there is heavy snow making the course incompletable we will always deliver your training.

In fact, completing your training at this time of year can actually (if possible) be more beneficial for your drivers. Training at this time of year will enable all drivers to gain an alternative perspective of the situations cyclists face in these wet or windy weather conditions, arguably the worst conditions that vulnerable road users commute in every day. These journeys mean that cyclists and drivers both have to focus more than usual, drivers will get an insight into what it is like to be a cyclist with wind and rain blowing in your face while having vehicles driving past.

The overall aim of Safe Urban Driving is to make our roads safer and raise awareness about how to safely share the road with vulnerable road users. This aim is arguably going to be more evident in the worst weather conditions that cyclists face with more stuff going on around them, showcasing just how vulnerable you can feel as a cyclists on urban roads with vehicles overtaking in bad weather conditions. Hopefully after completing this training all drivers will take a more considered approach when overtaking or driving alongside vulnerable road users, remembering how it feels to be on the bicycle instead of inside their vehicle.

As well as these benefits Safe urban driving could be the answer to a lot of heavy goods vehicle operators requirements in 2019. This course means that your company will have completed one vital part towards gaining FORS silver accreditation, as well as contributing 7 hours to the periodic Driver CPC requirement.

If you want to book a Safe Urban Driving course for your drivers please contact us today, we will endeavour where possible to meet your requirements…

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