Safe Urban Driving not just for London…

Safe Urban Driving course being delivered

Safe Urban Driving training and FORS is not just for London! Despite the common misconception that some people have training can actually be delivered throughout the United Kingdom, allowing companies to work towards their FORS accreditation at their own office or workplace.

We have been delivering training courses to companies since 2009 gaining experience and accreditations along the way. We want to make training as enjoyable and beneficial as possible for all of our delegates, enabling them to receive their training at a location convenient to them is a key part of making this possible. This key element doesn’t differ with safe urban driving, we specifically designed our training van to enable us to come to you with all the required equipment.

The safe urban driving training course has proven to be a huge success with over 20,000 HGV drivers taking the course so far. The course presents a new breed of driver cpc training, differing from the standard courses that drivers are used to which compromise of 7 hours classroom-based training. As this driver cpc is an ongoing requirement for drivers it is important the courses available continually evolve and grow, this helps to ensure all the drivers are engaged in training and are developing with the numerous cpc cycles they complete.

Seven Training deliver safe urban driving courses nationwide to our customers, we enable them to receive their training with minimal disruption to their drivers and business. As long as you have a suitable training environment at your workplace we will come to you, meaning your drivers don’t have to travel and you don’t have to cover your driver’s expenses. If you want to progress through FORS accreditation levels and complete safe urban driving then please contact us, we will provide you with a quote based on your specific requirements and deliver the training at the most suitable time for your business.

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