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safe urban driving training

As we approach the summer we arguably approach one of the busiest periods of the year, second only to Christmas. Summer brings the best of the British weather and makes everyone want to get out of their house in order to enjoy it, whether people are venturing on road trips away to the beach or enjoying a cold drink and lunch by the river this all has a knock-on effect which is often not considered. That knock-on effect of the summer impacts the transport and logistics industry, as people go out more frequently and do more activities it creates more demand for produce and in turn more traffic on the road delivering this produce. Furthermore, the well-publicised shortage of drivers working within the logistics and transport industry means drivers are put under more strain than ever to get their deliveries or jobs done.

The British summer ultimately means that will have more people and more traffic occupying busy urban environments. The main objectives of the Driver CPC requirement and Safe Urban Driving are to encourage high standards of driving and increase safety on the roads, so when better time is there to get this message into your drivers than one of the busiest periods of the year? If we can raise drivers awareness and help them take steps to increase road safety then we can play our part in reducing the amount of accidents that occur this summer.

Safe Urban Driving training provides relevant material to help raise awareness of these issues and reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring. The content provided in Safe Urban Driving is designed to engage delegates and inform them about the potential hazards that they face when operating in these busy urban environments. With the summer fast approaching what better time is there to book safe urban driving training for your business?

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