Get your fleet prepared for ULEZ and clean air zones with training…

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With the introduction of ULEZ and clean air zones being more widespread will we see an increase in the number of cyclists and vulnerable road users? Some people believe that the extra costs and regulations mean that more people will seek alternative methods of transport to avoid the extra costs.

The proposed clean air zones could be introduced in a number of locations starting from 2019, these include London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Southampton, Bristol and Manchester. Each location has individually proposed different penalty charges for non-compliant vehicles which range from £12.50 a day up to £100 a day.

As well as this these new zones will also affect everyday cars meaning that people could face penalty charges when commuting to work every day. Research is 2016 indicated that about half of all cars on the road would fail to meet emission standards and therefore not comply with the new legislation, with an overall total of 55% of all vehicles on the road failing to comply.

So why are clean air zones being introduced? The main aim of clean air zones is to reduce the amount of toxic air around the United Kingdom, pollution levels have continuously grown over a recent year and some locations now have to drastically reduce the levels of nitrogen dioxide in their air.

With all of this uncertainty about how the new low emission clean air zones will affect driver behaviour, it is an ideal time to make sure your businesses’ drivers are up to date with the latest vulnerable road user training. If we do see more people exchanging their vehicles for bikes or other forms or transport, road users will have to be more aware than ever about how to reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring and how to compensate for these vulnerable road users.

Safe urban driving and van smart training both provide drivers with an insight about the risks associated with vulnerable road users, as well as how to reduce the chance of an accident occurring. We offer both of these training courses throughout the United Kingdom, coming to you no matter where your office is based. If you would like to book one of these courses or find out more information then please contact us today.

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