Safe urban driving, the complete CPC module…

safe urban driving training for HGV drivers

Safe urban driving training could be the perfect way to tick multiple boxes with training as we approach the driver cpc deadline in 2019. Your company can complete valuable vulnerable road user training while gaining Driver CPC hours, why not tick two boxes with one training course.

Over recent years many companies have completed their FORS accreditation. In order to do this, they must complete vulnerable road user training such as safe urban driving training. In 2019 the latest periodic driver cpc deadline for training will be here, as a result drivers who haven’t completed their 35 hours periodic training will no longer be eligible to drive a HGV, which could mean they are no longer capable of doing their job.

Safe urban driving training provides an answer to both of these issues by providing CPC hours as well as being a vital element of gaining FORS accreditation. The capability to work towards both of these from one training course can be a big benefit to companies, it means they do not have to schedule time for their drivers to complete two separate training courses instead completing just one safe urban driving course. A multi-purpose training course such as safe urban driving can be a big benefit to companies as they do not have to find time to take some of their fleet of the road for two training courses to be completed, instead they reduce the impact on their normal business operations as they only have to compensate for losing these drivers for one day. This means their business will only experience minimal disruption as a result of this training, completing training efficiently reduces the impact on regular operational activities and potential loss of earnings.

With the deadline looming to complete periodic driver cpc training hours why not consider safe urban driving as your course of choice? There are many benefits to completing this course such as gaining Driver CPC hours, working towards FORS accreditation and increasing the safety among your fleet. There are no other Driver CPC modules that can other as many potential benefits to your business as safe urban driving does.

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