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FORS safe urban driving equipment

FORS accreditation has become vastly popular throughout the commercial vehicle industry over recent years, some suppliers and contractors stipulate that they will only provide contracts to FORS accredited companies. However, despite this there are still some companies who have not completed their FORS audit.

A FORS accreditation can be obtained at three different levels which are bronze, silver and gold. All of these different levels have individual requirements that the company will have to complete in order to gain their accreditation.

That is where Seven can help you. The first service that we offer is training, we can supply you with all of the training required to complete your FORS audit with Safe Urban Driving. This training course is a vital part of progressing to FORS silver accreditation, as well as this it will also raise your drivers awareness of hazards and vulnerable road users to increase road safety. A Safe Urban Driving course consists of two modules, there is a theory module as well as a practical module.


What will you learn?

Theory Content:

• How and why roads are changing to accommodate active travel, such as walking and cycling
• Who vulnerable road users are, and how they interact with traffic
• How to share the road safely
• Use and limitations of supplementary vehicle safety equipment and how to maintain its effectiveness

Practical Content:

• Demonstrate control of a bike
• Demonstrate where to ride on the road and the use and limitations of cycle infrastructure
• Tackle challenging roads and traffic situations
• Demonstrate how and when to pass queuing traffic
• Identify and react to hazardous road surfaces
• Use the experience of having cycled in moving traffic to improve driving standards and consideration for others


As well as the training aspect of gaining your FORS accreditation there is also safety and vehicular requirements that you will need to meet, Seven also have the capability to help you with this as well. We can fit and supply the required safety equipment such as cameras, audible left turn signal and Fresnel glass through our mobile engineers and nationwide network of service centres.

We also have the capability to offer you advice and information about FORS accreditation and what you need to do in order to progress through the different levels. A fully qualified FORS practitioner will assist you throughout the process.

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