Brexit and the Driver CPC requirement…

Over recent weeks we have seen the discussions surrounding Brexit intensify once again with Teresa May’s position coming under threat over her failure to deliver what some would call an acceptable deal. However, despite all of this we remain on course to leave the EU and continue working to find the best possible solution in order for it to happen.

Now, there will be some people who think what does all of this have to do with Driver CPC training or Safe Urban Driving? Well, since the original idea of Brexit was conceived there have been discussions about what it would mean for the Driver CPC requirement. Some people have openly voiced their opinion that the legislation should no longer exist when we leave the EU as it is an EU law that was implemented on us in 2009. However, it has been quite clearly stated a number of times that this is highly unlikely to happen and the Driver CPC legislation will remain in place.

The Driver CPC legislation has been a positive for the transport and haulage industries, playing a key role in making our roads safer. As well as this it has also been deemed to play a key role in career development if conducted correctly, while completing training drivers can learn a range of new skills as well as enhancing their existing knowledge of areas. When selecting training courses delegates or companies can focus on key areas that relate to their daily activities, enabling them to learn beneficial content and use real examples while also increasing productivity within the workforce. Operators could see a range of benefits in their drivers as a result of effective CPC training such as increased MPG, fewer accidents and safer loading of vehicles.

There are a lot of people throughout the HGV industry that do realise these benefits and it was recently documented that more people are beginning to change their opinion of the legislation. These people now realise the importance of training and the role that it plays in keeping our roads safe for everyone. One of the newest most innovative Driver CPC modules Safe Urban Driving is a prime example of this, it uses practical training to highlight one of the biggest issues within populated areas – how we share the road with vulnerable road users.

Despite all of the uncertainty one thing is for sure, Driver CPC training is here to stay so make sure your drivers do not fall behind on their hours and complete them before the deadline in 2019. We still have availability for bespoke training courses in 2019, if you would like to arrange one please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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